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Today, my imagination has left the tightly closed frames of self-control and led me straight in here, into a world of published thoughts. Many times in the past, I have been telling myself that it’s still too early, that my ideas are not clear enough or I should get more life experience before I start. Regardless of all those thoughts, my needs for externalising my views and motivating others have taken over, so here I am – typing my first blog post. I would like to invite you to sit down with me, take a sip of your favourite tea and let me to take you into a new world. A world in which you are going to discover, discuss, get inspired and most importantly, get to know yourself from a completely new perspective. Let’s begin!

My name is Ewelina and I’m on my final year of human genetics course. My passions for science, sports, travelling as well as years spent in a different country have shaped me into a person who can never stop to look for new challenges. This blog is a one of them. Since I was a child I loved dressing my thoughts into words. I always found something therapeutical about it. Later on, I discovered that sharing my texts with others is even more satisfying because it gives the opportunity for reflection and discussion. As we know, discussion is the mother of the most amazing ideas, which constantly revolutionise our world.

Through this blog, I would like to get you out of your comfort zone and push you up in order to make you fly higher than you ever expected. This is a website for people who want something more from their lives. People who wake up every day thinking ‘how can I improve the world today?’. People with passion and life mission, motivated and brave (or these who would like to become those kind people!). People who do not find fulfilment in just watching tv or scrolling social media. People who not only observe but also like to take an action. The picture of millennials is pained with the critical brush, characterising a lack of ambitions, laziness or psychological weakness. Nevertheless, only we know that this is not true and only we are aware of the power we have got in our minds and our hands. We just need to use it well! Within us, there are people who know what they want, or who actively look for it. We study with purpose, work efficiently and plan ahead. We are people with many passions, hard-working and well organised. Many of us look after themselves and work on self-improvement in a way that no-one did before. The aim of this blog is to unite those people and show the world that we are the amazing, powerful generation. Moreover, we will motivate others and show that together we are able to achieve great things. Let’s do it!

Here, you will find doses of motivation and inspiration with a high scientific background because in order to understand the world and change it, we need to understand ourselves too. I would like to invite you to a journey, during which you won’t need a map to get to your destination.

Short navigation tips: the blog is divided into 2 sections: Motivelina – the motivational part, where you can see the posts with ‘Let’s do it!’ approach and Scipedia – more educational, easy to swallow scientific content which will make you more aware of modern aspects of biotechnology and medicine.

P.S. I decided to write this blog in two languages, because the best ideas come into my mind in English, while writing in Polish gives me a lot of pleasure!

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  1. ‚This is a website for people who want something more from their lives. People who wake up every day thinking ‘how can I improve the world today?’.’. This perfectly sums up how everyone should see the world and what they should want out of life xxx

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